Eefos – a lifestyle! A site for women

Corfu, Greece
Black, cropped pants, red top, black espadrilles, black scarf, tied together with a black belt

Eefos – Greek for Attitude!

Embrace life and live it  “On Purpose” with a life embracing Attitude!

This is – Eefos!

This is a lifestyle and fashion site for women “of a certain age”.

Women, like me, that have worked hard at a job or in the home or both, got married or were in a committed relationship, in most cases, raised children and are now facing retirement or are already retired.

Now we are facing a new stage in life. How does that look? What are the rules?  Suddenly, we have time for ourselves. After the initial euphoria of retirement, I found myself thinking ….   Now what?  

How do I reintroduce myself to the world in this new stage?

Who am I? I’m not “Billy’s and Susie’s mom” and I’m not the manager at work….. ????

How do I want to approach this new stage?

I’ve spoken to many women in this new stage of life and we share many issues and questions.
One observation I made, is that as a young woman, we created and introduced ourselves to the world as an up and coming professional. It affected our clothing, hair, makeup, and attitude. We changed from our teen self, to our professional self.

After a few years, in many cases, relationships became permanent, motherhood arrived, and compromises needed to be made. We needed easy hair, easy care clothes. There were schedules to juggle. We had work schedules and children’s schedules and significant other’s schedules.

We might have taken a hiatus from work but we were women of the 60’s and 70’s even 80’s. We found our new liberation and we were very aware of what we had gained. There was pressure on us to make the most of our new found opportunities and in most cases we tried to do everything. We often continued to work but with the added responsibility of the care of the children and home. In most cases our significant others weren’t really sure how to fit into this new world and many women share, that their partner kept to the established, traditional gender role. We in turn, felt so fortunate to have this new found opportunity, to live a life different than most of our mothers, that we took on the new role without relinquishing much of the traditional role. This certainly impacted our personal time.

Now, it seems, in the blink of an eye, we find ourselves with the children grown, the house clean and our career winding down. We think …. Great! Now there is time for me! … but …   Who am I

We look in the mirror and wonder, “When did I become this women?” Am I now, “The women of a certain age?”

My blog is all about our life, now. It’s about the freedom to travel and to meet old friends or make new ones. It’s about the joys of watching our children flourish and start the journey of life’s steps. It’s also about our challenges as we encounter this new stage of our life. I’ll be
posting about issues, lifestyle and fashion targeted for us.  Some posts will be fun things, like fashion and trends. I’ll also be sharing some of my jewelry creations and some posts will be topics more challenging to us in this new phase of life.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog and feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas with me!

Ultimately, it is about embracing this life with –